Welcome to POLYLINE, the thermoplastics lining specialist.

POLYLINE has over 30 years of experience in working with thermoplastic lining membranes and systems that fulfill the challenging reliability and quality requirements of modern architectures and civil engineering works. The long-term durability and service life of our installations and workmanships results from the strict industry standards we adopt. And we back up that performance with our guarantee.

Our resident lining specialists are continually exploring new methodologies, environmentally sustainable materials and other lining possibilities. We are in constant discussion of these technical innovations with our long time manufacturing partner, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH of AUSTRIA (AGRU); we not only provide for our client, but with the client.

We don’t just respond to changes in the market, we shape the market.

Best regards,

Lee Nguet Kwang
General Manager
Bilcon Group of Companies



From design and installation to final inspection, Polyline’s Value Proposition ensures your lining job is done right from the start.

Polyline Value Proposition - A Winning Formula

A completed, high quality lining application occurs when the manufacturer and applicator are committed in all three of the major milestones of a lining project’s success:

Proven Materials

AGRU manufactures using only virgin grade granules to produce a wide spectrum of the highest quality thermoplastic lining membranes, engineered to withstand extreme environmental exposure while maintaining mechanical dimensional stability throughout a long-lasting service life. AGRU’s quality is a direct result of 50 years of experience in the extensive use of their products worldwide.

Expert Assistance

AGRU’s skilled technical experts stand apart from other manufacturers by offering design assistance to owners, consultants and contractors upon request. POLYLINE’s lining specialists are trained on the proper installation techniques, both in the classroom and on the job site, providing on-going installation documentation and training.

Skillful Workmanship

Unlike most other lining manufacturers, AGRU does not sell through distributors. Instead, they sell directly to a select group of trained, authorized applicators – only the best are invited to join their team. POLYLINE’s lining specialists diligently update ourselves to ensure AGRU’s high standards are being maintained. Maintaining strict control over the installation process means that AGRU quality is carried through from start to finish.

Because of POLYLINE’s dedication to its Value Proposition, when you buy any AGRU lining system, you’re getting a total system solution. From system design to final inspection, our Value Proposition is your guarantee of superior quality, precision installation and unrivalled reliability.